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5 Hot Hacks to Save Money on your Wedding

*gasp* - what’re we doing? A wedding supplier? Talking about saving money? We know, right?

We’ve been doing this wedding-band thing for years now, easily covering well over 500 weddings between us. And we’ve seen it all!

So, what better way to help all you budding brides and grooms than to give you our top 5 “hot hacks” for saving money on your wedding?

5. Spend More on Fewer Things

There’s always a temptation to go for everything to try and make sure your wedding is the best day of your life. But remember, however big and special it is, it only lasts for one day. One morning, one afternoon and one evening. Many people try to cram as much into their wedding as possible, and end up having too much going on whilst stretching their budget too far.

Spend more on fewer things, instead of going cheap on loads of stuff. No one needs a photo-booth, candy-cart, magician, fireworks, dancefloor, band, after-midnight DJ, light-up-letters AND selfie-mirror, do they? Each of those things are great, but all of them? Really?

Choose a few must-haves, and spend decent money on them, That way, you get both quality and value.

4. Go direct – with everything

Sometimes, “wedding goggles” make us think differently than we would with anything else. Remember when people used to use an “agent” for their house insurance? Or a travel agent to book flights? Waste of money. It’s the same with weddings.

If someone else is involved, they’re getting their money from somewhere. If it’s not from you, it’s from the person carrying out the service (so, in effect, they’re getting paid less!).

You can save a good 15-20% on things by making sure you’re dealing directly with the supplier instead of an agency or representative. Trust us 😉

3. Book everything well in advance

As a general rule, the further out you book things, the cheaper they will be. Weddings can be years in the planning, and prices can go up over that time. Lock in the best deal you can, as quickly as possible.

Like every other industry, suppliers do sometimes have to change their prices, but if you’ve got your rates tied-down well in advance, you’re protected from any rises.

2. Don’t Over-cater!

This is one of the big ones for us. The number of weddings we’ve played where there is loads of food left at the buffet, or an almost full candy-cart at the end of the night, is staggering. Be guided by the professionals here, and never, never be tempted to say “just add xx more, just in case”.

Remember, especially with buffets, most of the guests will have had a full three-course meal just hours before. They’re looking for a snack to soak-up the, ahem, atmosphere, not a gourmet style tasting menu!

Get your numbers right, and be guided by the experts.

1. Lastly – look for the deals!

If a supplier has an offer on, or a discount available, take it! Don’t wait around too long to make a decision. Many suppliers will discount, or put deals on, in the year before your wedding, so look out for them, and take full advantage.

Not to blow our own trumpet (here we go!), but you can book direct today with Sugarush for your 2020 wedding and get 20% off for your troubles - saving you at least £370!

We know our stuff, we’ll give you a party you and your guests won’t forget, and, well, we’re nice folk who want your wedding to be AWESOME!

Drop us a note for an availability check and a quote here.

And good luck with your wedding planning!!!!!

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